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Heinz Jaeger Wolfgang Brommer

In 1988 the masters in organ-building Heinz Jäger (on the left) and Wolfgang Brommer (on the right) founded the common workshop:

Waldkircher Orgelbau Jäger und Brommer (German Organ Company).

After many years of travel and after having worked in different organ factories the common wish to produce organ instruments of the highest quality was the basis for a successful co-operation. The first pieces of work were praised by organ experts and organists. Within a very short period one order followed the other. The consequent, artisanally impeccable work was the was an excellent reference for the upswing.
Today, 12 organ-builders are working in the workshop. The team is increasing continuously with the number of organs to be produced. In the field of restoration precious instruments could be saved. The long experiences in this filed were consequently transferred to the instruments. As restorators of mechanical and pneumatic organs the workshop of Jäger and Brommer is also internationally reputed. The situation of orders in hand is good and is lasting.

Since 1779 organs are produced in Waldkirch. This long tradition is obliging. In the traditional way of handicraft all parts of the organs are fabricated. This is a guarantee for a long life-span and satisfied organists.
Local woods of the Black Forest and Alsace-Lorraine are processed. Only the best massive oak-wood is processed according to the highest principles of handicraft. This is demanding a lot of skill and knowledge. Each organ is especially conceived and construed for the specific locality. The locality is studied carefully with reference to humidity, temperature and acoustic circumstances before the beginning of the planning phase.
The bores are especially harmonized. The intonation is always made on the spot by the organ specialist Heinz Jäger. This is granting that the organ is optimally harmonized for the special locality. Thus, organs with the highest precision and the finest sounds are created.
As an acoustic example you can listen to organ music on CD with organ of Jäger and Brommer in the church of the abbey of the monastery Lichtenthal in Baden-Baden (orders by e-mail, Fax or with the order slip on the shop-page).
On the following pages you can become acquainted with some organs of Jäger and Brommer.
Naturally, you are also kindly invited to visit the organs or Waldkirch. Only thus you can convince yourself of the high workmanship.
We are looking forward to your visit.

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