Here, we show you examples of the diverse possibilities of the formation of our concert-barrel-organs:

Concert-barrel-organ for classic until modern music

This world-wide unique barrel-organ, in the order of Dr. Jürgen Braun, of us built and been completed in the 200-year old jubilee-year 2006 (to Ignaz Blasius Bruder first barrel-organ). She includes 56 pitches in a wood-register: Gedackt 8' chromatic consequence until g³. She mirrors the inventor-spirit Ignaz Blasius Bruder also 200 years after his time of Waldkirch. This "Jäger & Brommer" - barrel-organ sung especially soft and been suitable for the rendering of music of a bulk of the European tradition with its chamber-musical sound and big scope until to contemporary works. A piece consequently a quite special barrel-organ from our workshop.

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