Waldkirch - the barrel-organ capital

In Waldkirch, one is conscious for oneself the own handicraft-like tradition. Already 1999, one could look back on the 200 year of organ-construction. The big art of the organ-construction, that became native in Waldkirch with Mathias Martin in the year 1799, made the Black Forest city internationally known. Ignaz Blasius Bruder, founder of the barrel-organ-construction, came from Simonswald after Waldkirch in 1843. Until the World War I, Waldkirch rose almost unopposed to the European Organbuilding-metropole: Church organ-construction, festival-organs and barrel-organs was delivered into the whole world from Waldkirch.

A view of the plant of Weber Brothers in Bismarckstraße 3 (taken from a letterhead of the year 1918)

The Black Forest Zoo

You will also be charmed by our four- and two-legged friends in the Black Forest Zoo. With patting zoo for kids and one of the biggest owl populations in Europe, with bird path, bears, lynxs and deers.
Its dreamy location near the forest is seductive to a walk in the nature only a few walking minutes from the centre.

The Elztal Museum

In order to make you familiar with our regional history we pull all stops. After all, Waldkirch was a world wide known centre of mechanical organ building. You can convince yourself in the Elztal museum with its collection of mechanical organs and orchestrians. You will have a vivid impression of the regional history in the folclorical department, an extensive collection of costumes of the valley Elz and the department of sacral art and ecclesiastical history.
And Waldkirch has to offer quite more – there are always again reasons to visit the town a the end of the Elz valley.
You can reach Waldkirch by bus or train as well as by car.

Simply drop in and hear by yourself: Waldkirch sounds good !

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